27 März 2010

Campo Felice

Ciao belli!

Currently I'm in Campo Felice near Rome to do some filming for Nissan. There's almost no snow so we have to be creative to get at least some usable shots. After riding me and my friend Marco Concin decided to try out some stuff with the GoPro Cam and my Nissan. Unfortunately the police didn't find it was as funny as we thought... ;-) check out the video.

Campo Felice from Matthias Fabbro on Vimeo.

Yesterday night we checked out the city a little bit. There was the football game Roma- Inter and Roma won. Check out this video as well.

Fontana dei trevi

piazza di spagna


Tomorrow I'll drive back all the way home (750 km!) to do the last work for our Invitational. So see you all soon at Kronplatz!


25 März 2010

Interview on Downdays.eu

check out my interview on downdays.eu regarding our Invitational.

20 März 2010

Kronplatz F-Tech SPRINGgingerle

Only 10 days left to our Invitational.
Riderslist is fixed. so stoked!!!

Markus Eder, ITA
Matthias Fabbro, ITA
Andreas Bacher, ITA
Raffaele Cusini, ITA
Sebi Geiger, GER
Andri Ambühl, SUI
Toni Höllwart, AUT
Marek Doniec, POL
Paddy Graham, ENG
Jussi Mononen, FIN
Oskari Raitanen, FIN

check back for more news soon.

02 März 2010

Livigno & Passo San Pellegrino

Hi out there!

I've been two times in Livigno during the past weeks and I must say that the kicker line there is very cool. Even if I only jumped on the L line because of the wind the first time and beacause of the River Jump Comp on the XL line the second time, it was very funny. I also had the opportunity to meet up with my friends I haven't seen for a time and obviously to do some party with'em.
We also had tons of fun at the Passo San Pellegrino a few days later due to the fresh powder fallen there. So watch the edit and check back for more stuff!

peace Mat

Livigno & San Pellegrino from Matthias Fabbro on Vimeo.