16 Dezember 2009


Kronplatz Snowpark Opening at the 23rd of december
Be there, have fun!

after that cya at the OLD puka naka in Bruneck to do some party with Schuster&Schneider!!

11 Dezember 2009

New F-tech garage!!

Last week i've been in Lana to check out the new assembling garage of the best snowpark building company in this universe ;-) F-Tech Constructions
The guys are really good in their job and they put a lot of passion in it! This preseason I had the opportunity to shape at the Gentlemenrider's Nitro park Val Senales (also a product of F-Tech's work) and i must say it was a really funny and intresting time.

Here are some pics of the garage opening party!
Thx to Alex Berger and all the F-Tech crew for being such kinda nice guys!!

some almost finished boxes

mastermind office

no explanation needed

the assembling garage

03 Dezember 2009

POWPOW & a helmet cam

Like last year we got a lot of snow this early season and it was so much fun to shred some pow during the last days. I filmed a few runs with my goPro "helmet" cam and i find the edit wich came out of it is not that bad. So check it out and let me know what you think about it!

P.s.: thx Mat for showing me that cool spot you know!

30 November 2009

Schnals Edit

It's raining today so i decided to edit out some easy stuff we filmed when I was at Schnalstal. I hope we'll get some snow too but it's really windy on the top... At the moment there are -2°C and 40 km/h of wind. Let's hope the best.

Schnals edit from Matthias Fabbro on Vimeo.

26 November 2009


Yesterday i've been at the Stubai zoo park to get some skiing done. the weather was amazing and the park was pretty fun. I also met my 2 friends Matthias Leitner and Ambros Fürstaller and the day was turning out pretty good. Unfurtunatly my other friend Armin wasn't that lucky and broke his collar bone in one of his last runs. After calling the first aid guy he was brought to a little clinic in Neustift where he did an x-ray. Look for yourself:

Get well soon Armin!

24 November 2009

Hairaffair & snowflys.com Catalouge-Presentation Partynight

check out the catalouge presentation of my streetwear sponsor!


work in progress in Val Senales

this is a little edit from gentlemenriders nitropark Val Senales I did a few weeks ago. Actually the park is finished including a 16m kicker (very poppy) and some other cool features like the rail-jib line you can see in the video.

work&fun in Val Senales from Matthias Fabbro on Vimeo.

Vitamin-F Föderlach Waterramp Camp

sorry for the delay but i havent't been @ home for nearly 2 months now and my internet stick wasn't actually a ball of fire ;-) ... here is the edit from the 3 days of waterramping at Föderlach (AUT) during the Camp organized by the Vitamin-F Freestyle Club Bruneck. enjoy.

Vitamin-F Waterramp Camp Föderlach August 2009 from Matthias Fabbro on Vimeo.

let's get my blog started!

hi everybody! stoked that I can finally kick off my blog. this is where you can look at what I'm doing currently. here you'll find videos, photos and many other stuff reguarding me and my friends. a special thanks goes to my sponsors salomon, nissan and spiagames which make this possible!! hope you'll enjoy this! greets Matthias