21 April 2011

The Mega Update

Was pretty busy last month but here we go with a mega update:

1) Clickonthemountain Fotocontest was really cool and when I was on my way home my teammates called me and gave me the good news that we won!!

check out some pics we did:

first shot of the days.. me 180

landscapes were great every moment of the day

one of my favorite shots. thx Alo!

Check out more of the shots in the next 4skiers magazine coming out October/ November 2011
Once again thanks to Manuel Castelnuovo, our guide Luca Argentero and the rest of the guys involved in the Comp.


2) Straight after Courmayeur I packed my car and moved to Obereggen for the King of Iron rail Comp. The setup by F-Tech Constructions was really great and the session was pretty funny.

The canon tube was the heart of the setup

I did some good tricks but judges were of the opinion that it wasn't good enough to take top spot.
Here is a little edit of board.TV

King of Iron 2011 - Obereggen from Board.tv on Vimeo.


3) 28th of March was arrival day of the Kronplatz F-Tech SPRINGgingerle 2011

We've been waiting for it for a while and finally the event kicked off.

Check out the podcasts once again. A full report of the event with pictures and video will be available on the main freeski platforms soon.

F-TECH SPRINGgingerle ´11 DAY1 from GMRPROD on Vimeo.

F-TECH SPRINGgingerle ´11 DAY2 from GMRPROD on Vimeo.

F-TECH SPRINGgingerle ´11 DAY3 from GMRPROD on Vimeo.


4) Straight after the Invitational McRae, Luka and me moved to Seiser Alm to enter the Red Bull Jib Ski Kings. Markus & Lukas Schäfer followed us later. We went to the Ridersmeeting on Saturday evening were we get invited to a fantastic dinner as well. After the bip-drow everyone went to bed tired.

Next day we checked out the course and it was superfun. Alex Berger designed a bunch of really creative obstacles and it was up to us to shred them properly. I made it to the final of the top 8 but my run was to less technical to reach the superfinal. At the end Markus Eder took the topspot of the podium in front of McRae Williams and Andreas Bacher.

check out the video of this unique event:

Hopefully we'll see this event next year as well, it was fun!


5) After this busy weeks I took a few days off and went to Innsbruck to meet up with my friends

Had some good days with you guys! Thanks


6) Last weekend it was time for the 5th F-Tech Shooting in Val Senales/ Schnalstal.

Needless to say that the park was simply great and lasershaped as usual. Unfortunately i bruised my knee on day2 when I went short on Big Bertha. Had to stop riding for the day and it sucked!!

Ethan Morgan on Big Bertha looking for some boobies

I'm at home right now cause I've to rest for a few days to get my knee better. Partying, sunbathing an chilling.

Hope you enjoyed the update. Check back for more!