27 Dezember 2010

Alessandro Belluscio Slideshow 2010

check out Alessandro Belluscio's shots of 2010. pretty sick pictures taken at the Nine Knights, freestyle.ch, Kronplatz F-Tech SPRINGgingerle, Colorado, Japan, Nimbus Trip and many more...

Alessandro Belluscio Slideshow 2010 from Alessandro Belluscio on Vimeo.

stay tuned!

26 Dezember 2010


Yooo whatup??

Jib4beer Tobias Vinatzer Invitaional went down Saturday 11th 2010. I was sure we'll spend good times there and so it was. After a good preparty on Friday at Luislkeller with lot of beer, buring hats, parking problems the morning after and bad bad hangovers we finally started the jib session in Tobi's backyard. After 1 hour of qualification these 8 riders went on to the KO final.

Tobias Vinatzer
Daniel Tschurtschenthaler
Valentino Mori
Raffaele Cusini
Juri Silvestri
Lukas Schäfer
Flo Geyer
Matthias Fabbro

In the end Flo Geyer came out on top winning another 10 beers followed by young gun Juri Silvestri (he kicked me out in the quarter finals). The 3rd spot went to Daniel Tschurtschenthaler and 4th to Lukas Schäfer.

big ups to Tobi and his mother for making this event possible and we are all looking forward to come back next year!!!

check out the edits of "La Fabrik" and read the downdays report for more details and some pics!

next week blog about Prato Nevoso and Livigno!!! check it out!!!

08 Dezember 2010

Smith Optics Team DVD 2010/2011

watch out for the new Smith Optics Ski Team DVD 2010/2011 "WE MAKE THE GREAT DAYS BETTER" featuring:

Andri Ambühl, Antoine Diet, Arianna Tricomi, Arnaud Rougier, Eva Patscheider, Giulia Monego, Jussi Mononen, Kevin Rolland, Klaus Finne, Markus Eder, Matthias Fabbro, Nico Zacek, Raffaele Cusini, Thadde Joas, Xavier Gehring

have a look at the trailer:

Smith Optics Team DVD Trailer 2010/2011 Ski from Smith Optics on Vimeo.


06 Dezember 2010

Kaprun Jib Da House

check out the edit of the Jib Da House Railcomp in Karpun. made by Freeride.cz
It was superfun to be part of it and I have to say thank you to my buddy Matthias Leitner. The whole weekend was amazing. Started with the wellness on Friday evening it went on with some railskiing on the Kitzsteinhorn on Saturday morning. In the afternoon then we had the ridersmeeting and the Comp started in the evening in front of a good crowd cheering for the riders. Unnecessary to say that the party was the banger and we all had tons of fun.


1st Roy Kittler
2nd Markus Eder
3rd Flo Geyer
4th Luggi Brucic

Jib Da House 2010 from Freeride.cz on Vimeo.