20 April 2010

Kronplatz F-Tech SPRINGgingerle 2010

Markus Eder & Matthias Fabbro Invitational

The first italian Invitational is over and it was a success. From the 30th of March to the 3rd of April some of the best european skiers and newcomers gathered on our home mountain Kronplatz to hit some cool obstacles prepared and shaped by F-Tech Snowpark Constructions.

Even if the weather wasn’t as good as it normally is at this time the crew was motivated and ready to shred.


After inspecting the the gap-kicker the riders went up to hit it while filmers and photographers moved in position to get their shots. Unfortunately the fog made it impossible to keep jumping after 3 or 4 test jumps and everyone went up to the park container again to get lunch. It was once again grillmaster Alex Berger to get the food ready for about 20 people. The afternoon was still very cloudy but the plan was to stay on the mountain for some night action. Riders used the time to jib around in the snowpark which offers endless rail combinations and other
stuff. After having dinner at the „Kron“ restaurant it was time to get the first serious shots done. The setup by night was just amazing and by the way the F-Tech guys did a really good job. Check out the pictures. Roy Kittler was for sure the rider of the night as he didn’t stop throwing the hottest tricks even if all the others had enough. At midnight everyone went down with the gondola tired but stoked.

Paddy Graham by Wojtek Antonows

Roy Kittler by Alessandro Belluscio


First Day was pretty intensive so most of the riders decided to go on the mountain not too early. Right decision since the weather sucked all day long. It was time for some jib action again. After having some beers in the park all the people went to the hotel again. In the evening we made it to an ice hockey game in Bruneck. The HC Pustertal had to win against HC Asiago for getting on in the playoffs and there couldn’t have been better supporters then our crew. All together we cheered for the Wolves and they won. The match was over and all hurried up to reach the hotel soon to get some sleep but not before an improvised snowball fight at the parking. Mellow day but next morning there was a sunrise shooting on the timetable...


Alarmclock at 3.30am. Breakfast and a 30 min. drive to get on the other side of the mountain where a snowcat picked us up. The shaping crew was already on top to prepare the jump. When we arrived to the park we could still see stars on the dark sky which was super cool as we should get a perfect sunrise. The light was perfect and we started hitting the jump. The snowcat brought us up after every lap and the session was on. We continued sessioning for about 2 hours before we got our second breakfast this morning. Weißwurst and Weißbier was the right thing after the

early action. In the afternoon we still had to shred the canonbox so some of us went to the park again to get this done. Pretty cool obstacle as well and Markus Eder was on fire with some misty 450’s and 630’s off. Still tired of the past days we find our way to the hotel again to get ready for the evening. We planed a dinner at the Kron4 Restaurant with the whole crew. The dessert wasn’t a usual one as we had to try out the polish wodka brought by Marek and Wojtek. That was defenitely the kick off for the rest of the night. Down to Bruneck with the taxi we checked out nearly all the pubs and discos the city can offer. When it was about 2.30 am all the riders were done and only Johannes Drexl managed it to keep partying with the italian machines Raffaele Cusini and Matthias Fabbro till late. Big ups! Sebi Geiger was on a good way but had to give up on the last part of the night. Amazing boys!

waiting for the sunrise

Fabbro Matthias by Harald Wisthaler

brought up by the snowcat

Fabbro Matthias by Alessandro Belluscio

Markus Eder by Wojtek Antonow


Only a bunch of riders left for the concluding day of our event. Some mellow runs turned out pretty fun and the Photografers got their last shots. Little shooting on the rainbowbox over the gondola and chilling ‘till afternoon

Fabbro Matthias by Wojtek Antonow

We would like to say thanks to everyone involved in this thing and we promise you that it wasn’t the last Invitational here in Italy. Thanks to Kronplatz Skiresort, Skirama, Tourist Association Bruneck, F-Tech Snowpark Constructions and all the other supporters. Cya next year with some fresh ideas!!

check out the edit by Niclas Löffler:

Kronplatz F-Tech SPRINGgingerle 2010 from Matthias Fabbro on Vimeo.

Fabbro Matthias