21 Januar 2010

Finally a new post!!

Hi folks. After some busy weeks of skiteaching on my home mountain and endless hours in front of the computer to organize some events I found some time to ride. Last week I went to St. Kassian to do a little shoot for the Italian Sky TV with the Nissan team. We were filming for a transmission called „the quest“ It was pretty fun as we had to do and explain some easy tricks on boxes, rails and jumps. I hope I’ll get the video in the next days so that I can put it online. In the meantime some shots.

For the rest I’ve to do an unbelievable number of demo shows (26!!) around my hometown with the Vitamin-F Freestyle Club. I hope I’ll be able to film one of them the next days/ weeks to put a litte edit online.

Stay tuned for some action!



me and Dennis Battisti

cab 7 mute

some box stuff

interview time