15 November 2010

Schnalstal... a new post finally


after a long time without posting anything here is a little update..

I've been in Stubai and Hintertux few times in October before heading to Modena where I was for the Skipass expo and to enter a Big Air Comp. I sucked a bit during the comp but my friend Markus ended up 2nd and took some money home! Be sure to check out his brandnew blog!

After Modena I went to Schnalstal which is home of the superhot Gentlemenriders Nitro Park (who was there in summer knows what I mean). I helped out the guys there to shape a little bit and found the time to shred some early season pow.

Last weekend then I spent my time in the park shredding with my snowboard buddies Marco Concin, Max Stampfl and Daniel Neulichedl. Here are some covershots ;-)

Hopefully I'll be able to post more stuff in the coming weeks. Till then..
have fun out there!